The Dangers of DIY Piano Moving

Pianos have been providing entertainment for centuries, evolving and changing over the years. However, one thing has remained a constant; they’re heavy. Even smaller upright pianos can weigh over five hundred pounds. How heavy a piano becomes a major factor in how difficult they are to move. It is easy for people to think they can move a piano on their own, but every single piano expert would advise against it. Do-it-yourself piano moving is incredibly difficult and dangerous, and as the expert piano movers for Dakota County and the surrounding areas, we would like to cover the reasons why in some greater detail.

Damage to the Instrument

First of all, you could easily damage the piano itself. While pianos are heavy and hefty, they are also quite delicate. They have intricate moving parts which are responsible for the rich sounds they produce. Most people choose to have their piano tuned shortly after a move after it is re-acclimated to the new place. However, inexperienced piano movers can also cause significant damage to the piano’s inner workings, which can cost quite a bit of money to repair. If the piano is significantly damaged, it may not be repairable or tunable at all. Those who try a DIY piano move to save money could actually end up costing themselves far more in repair than it would have cost to hire professional piano movers in the first place.

At Piano Movers Extraordinaire, our professional piano movers are familiar with piano construction and have the tools, manpower, and experience necessary to transport them.

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Bodily Injury

Did you know that some of the heaviest pianos can weigh more than a thousand pounds?! Moving something this heavy means a lot of turning, twisting and bending especially if the movers are inexperienced and ill-equipped. The result is often severe personal injury.

Property Damage

When pianos collide with walls, flooring, and other objects, the results can be lasting and catastrophic. The sheer weight of the piano will easily dent or crack walls, flooring and furniture, which can cost quite a bit to be repaired.

Pianos are not just heavy, they’re also irregularly shaped. The piano’s shape makes it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, especially when stairs or sharp corners are involved.

Pianos are not just heavy and awkward, they’re also expensive so they are an investment that needs to be protected. Those who opt for DIY piano moving often find themselves in quite the worrisome state as they attempt to transport the hefty instrument.

Many people underestimate how complicated it is to move a piano, even a short distance. Once they try to lift it, reality sets in. Fortunately, our professional piano movers can make the moving process easy.

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