Preparing for Your Move with a Piano Moving Service

Planning a move? Own a piano? Then it is essential you prepare for your move with a trusted piano moving service. Minneapolis area piano owners trust Piano Movers Extraordinaire for all of their piano moving needs.Twin Cities Piano Moving & Storage

When it comes to your piano, training, equipment and care are all factors that make professional piano movers more equipped to handle a delicate piano move. Your piano is priceless and no matter what type of piano you have, it is likely close to your heart. That is why it is so important your piano is well taken care of during a crucial move. At Piano Movers Extraordinaire, our number one priority is relocating your piano safely and securely. We work with you to make sure your piano moving experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. With experienced piano movers like ours, know how to properly move a piano. The number of people carrying your piano can differ according to the complexities involved with your unique piano. There are various equipment which can also assist in the piano moving process including wraps, ramps, pads, skid plates etc. Once the piano movers assess your exact situation, they will outline the technique to do it safely.

Regular movers most likely have less experience in how to assemble or disassemble a piano. As mostly they do furniture, where our movers do just pianos. However, with a professional piano moving service like ours, we understand the exact techniques to move a particular type of piano, whether it needs disassembling or not and how to do that.

There is also specialized equipment needed to bear the weight of the piano and assist our dedicated workers. Professional piano movers should be specially trained to operate this equipment carefully.

Also, keep in mind that there are certain situations when your home or business may not have space for your piano and you require temporary piano storage. It is important your piano is stored properly in order to avoid depreciation.

You should also remember that it is important for your piano to be tuned within a few weeks following its move. The piano has to adjust according to the new environment which takes a bit of time. Generally, the time period to wait is two to three weeks until the piano climates to the new environment. Then ready to be fully tuned for the new conditions. Not sure how to have your piano tuned? We have a variety of reputable repair, restoration and tuning companies that we work with who can get your piano back to sounding like it should.

Ready to prep your piano for a move? For more information about our piano moving service in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, give Piano Movers Extraordinaire a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our form for a free estimate.