Preparing for Piano Movers

You need your piano moved from one location to another and you’ve booked a reputable piano moving company; now what? There is actually more preparation that should be done to ensure a successful move of your piano. Pianos are large, heavy instruments that are also intricate and fragile. When moving, it’s important to protect the piano, not only from scratches or aesthetic issues, but also from compromising the strings or keys to the point where the piano would need repair to work properly. As piano movers, we have the tools and experience needed to safely move your piano; however, there are things you can do to help us out. We want to cover those important details so you’ll be prepared when the piano movers come to your door.

Clear the Path

It’s important that our piano movers have an unobstructed and safe path from where your piano is located to our moving truck. This means clearing snow and ice off sidewalks in the winter and clearing leaves in the fall. It also includes removing any clutter or obstacles, which is our next point.

Remove Clutter

Along with clearing the path is removing any clutter in the way. This includes anything inside the room where the piano is, on stairs, in hallways, etc. It also includes areas outside on the porch or sidewalk. It’s important to have the area clear so our movers can get your piano moved safely without tripping over something or damaging any of your personal belongings. Please have this done before our movers arrive so the move is not delayed.

Provide Details

Another important thing to ensure a successful move for your piano is to provide as many details as you can to our crew before we arrive. This includes the type and size of your piano, details on the moving location, and any obstacles we should know about, such as stairs, tight turns, gates, distance to parking, limited parking, etc. By having this information, our movers can be prepared with the correct equipment to safely move your piano. We can also make a better estimate on the time needed to complete the move.

Preparing for Piano Movers

We want you to be satisfied with your piano moving experience. By providing the information we need and having things ready when our movers arrive, you will be helping ensure a safe and efficient move for your treasured piano. If you have any questions about our piano moving services or how to prepare for our movers, please give Piano Movers Extraordinaire a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our form for a free estimate. We serve the Twin Cities area.