Piano Mover Dakota County

Piano Mover Dakota CountyMoving a piano is no small feat. These large, heavy instruments are not only cumbersome to move but extremely fragile as well. This makes them an exceptional challenge. However, we have a team of professionals who have the skills and equipment necessary to safely move a piano from one location to another. Rather than trying to tackle this job yourself, hire the professionals so you can get your piano to its new home in one piece and still working as it should.

If you need a piano mover in Dakota County, call Piano Moves Extraordinaire! We have years of experience moving both upright and grand pianos in and around the Twin Cities. We treat your piano like it’s our own, making sure not to scratch or damage it in any way. We also know pianos are not cheap, so you need people you can trust to handle it.

Reasons to Hire a Piano Mover

If you are one who likes to do things yourself, good for you! For some tasks, following the DIY approach can save a lot of money. However, trying to conquer some tasks on your own can only cost time and sometimes money in the long run if not done properly. Piano moving is definitely one of those tasks. You can attempt to do it yourself, but you might pay for it in the long run.

Pianos require special equipment and knowledge to safely move. They are large, heavy and awkward, making them difficult to relocate. If not done properly, the piano can be scratched or damaged to the extent that costly repairs may be needed.

We have experience moving pianos so know the best way to handle them. We have protective covers and pads to prevent damage. We have special straps that allow us to move the piano easier and prevent dropping. We also have dollies to move them with as well as a ramp into the back of our truck for easy loading.

Our truck is insulated and heated during the cold winter months to keep your piano from experiencing extreme temperatures. All of this combined with our years of experience moving pianos provides you with a sense of peace when having your piano moved by our team.

Contact Us for Piano Moving

If you need to hire a piano mover in Dakota County, give us a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our online form for a free estimate. We also provide climate-controlled piano storage if you need somewhere to keep your piano for a short or extended period of time.