Dakota County Piano Disposal

Even the most devout piano enthusiasts at some point have a piano that may not be worth spending the money to restore. After all, these old instruments get worn out after decades or centuries of use and may easily cost thousands of dollars to restore. At this point they are ready for piano disposal.

Do you have a piano that is no longer playable but are unsure how to dispose of it properly? Here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we offer professional and trustworthy piano disposal for Dakota County and the surrounding areas and are here to help you properly dispose of your old, unwanted piano.

We know the proper channels for disposing of your piano. So, if you unfortunately must part with your piano, contact our experts for proper, professional and easy disposal. As you know, know you can’t just put the piano out on the curb for the garbage service to pick up. Give us a call and we can tell you more about piano disposal, give you a free estimate and schedule a time to take it away for you.

Professional Piano Disposal from Piano Movers Extraordinaire

While your first instinct may be to donate or sell your old piano, these options can often cause more harm and hassle than good; burdening your institution of choice with an unplayable piano. That’s where we come in. Pianos require special disposal and we are here to provide this very service. We will come to your home or business, pick up your piano, dismantle it, recycle or repurpose the parts, then dispose of the rest.

We offer more than piano disposal to meet all of your piano moving needs. In addition to piano disposal we also offer expert piano moving and piano storage. We offer the best value and pricing available for all of our piano moving, storage and disposal services because we care about pianos and their owners.

Unfortunately, everything comes to an end sometime, including pianos. So, when you require, trustworthy, dependable and proper disposal of your old or broken pianos, call in the professionals at Piano Movers Extraordinaire.

Contact Us for Proper Piano Disposal

If you need piano disposal in Dakota County, give us a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our online form for a free estimate. We also provide climate-controlled piano storage if you just need somewhere to keep your piano for a short or extended period of time.