Piano Storage

Minneapolis/St Paul Climate-Controlled Storage

Twin Cities MN Piano StorageA popular service we offer is our climate-controlled piano storage. We have an insulated building that we also heat and/or dehumidify as the seasons change to keep it climate-controlled for the pianos. We store all kinds of uprights and all sizes of grands. We can store for short stays or for longer periods.

We understand that some people are in between homes for different lengths of time, so may just need somewhere to keep their piano while in transition. Whatever the reason, we can store your piano safely and securely for as little or as long as needed.

In general, we charge for a move to and from the storage facility. Our professional piano movers will make sure your piano arrives safely and returns to you in the same condition. Prices vary depending on piano style and moving areas. We charge monthly fees for the storage. Call 763-784-8123 for an individual estimate for piano storage as each customer’s needs are different.

Piano Disposal

Piano Disposal in St PaulWhen cared for properly, pianos will last for decades. However, when a piano begins to show wear on the outside or the moving parts inside no longer work properly, reconditioning is usually the first recommendation. A piano technician can fix the inside of the piano while a furniture refinisher can restore the outside. We have some recommendations for piano restorers and refinishers in the area.

At some point, the piano may not be worth spending the money to restore. Then it is ready for disposal. We can help with the disposal of old or broken pianos. We know you can’t just throw the piano out on the curb for the garbage service to pick up. So, give us a call and we can take it away to piano heaven…also know as the local landfill.

Unfortunately, everything comes to an end sometime, including pianos. If you have a piano that needs to be disposed of in St Paul or Minneapolis, please call 763-784-8123.