Piano Moving

Twin Cities Professional Piano Movers

Our main service is piano moving. The piano moving service we provide varies with each customer’s needs. We have the experience and equipment necessary to move your piano safely from one Twin Cities location to another.

There are multiple reasons that people move pianos:

Twin Cities Piano Movers
  • Moving from one residence to another
  • Buying a piano from a store or private individual
  • Getting a piano from a friend or relative
  • Sending a piano in to a tuner for repair
  • Sending to a furniture refinishing place for a fresh new look
  • Moving to a different room inside a home
  • Getting new flooring such as carpeting or having wood floors refinished
  • Moving for events, such as concerts and plays
  • Moving into a rented truck or trailer for long distance moves

Whatever the reason, we can help make sure your piano is moved safely. We average 6 to 10 piano moves a day. Let our professional movers help with your piano. Give us a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our online form for a free estimate, and we can get your piano move scheduled.

Grand Piano Skids

Grand Piano Skids in MinneapolisA small but helpful service we provide is leaving our grand skids at customer’s homes. This is for people that need to leave their grand piano on its side for a time. This need usually arises during a new floor construction or other home remodel when the piano is temporarily removed from the room. Many remodel situations mean everything in the house is being moved to limited areas. For example, pianos are put in hallways, an extra bedroom, dining area or even sometimes in a garage. By having a skid, the grand piano can be stored safely on its side, which takes up less room.

When leaving our skid behind, we ask only to have the second move paid ahead as a down payment. This ensures that we will be back for our equipment, and of course, the return move of the piano.