How to Decorate Your Piano for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to decorate! Put up your tree, hang up your wreath, wrap the garlands around your railings, place your stockings by the chimney (with care) – Santa Claus is coming to town!

However, what do you do about your piano? Chances are it’s a focal point of whichever room it is in, so don’t leave it unadorned and screaming bah humbug at everyone stopping by – instead follow some of these tips on how to decorate your piano for the holidays!


Stringing lights along the top of your piano can create a warm and welcoming glow that can help increase the holiday spirit throughout your home. White, colorful or whatever color lights suit your fancy – the brightened piano is a jolly piano.


If you want to kick it up another holly jolly notch – add some garland! The combination of garlands and string lights can create a cozy feel while also bringing holiday joy to your home. Everyone is sure to love the look of your perfectly decorated piano.


What better way to make your piano feel personal than to line the top with photos from Christmases past? Share your love for your family by placing them in a place of honor. Whether they are the sole decorations, or you place them throughout your glowing garland – photos are a great personal touch to holiday decorating.


Do you receive Christmas or other holiday cards from loved ones that you just don’t know how to display? The solution could be to place them on your piano! Show your guests how much they matter to you by prominently displaying their cards.


Another option to decorate your piano is to place ornaments on it! Store your favorites in a basket on top, lay them amongst the garland or come up with a different way to display them that shows off your personal decorating style!

What to Avoid

When decorating the top of your piano it’s best to avoid anything that could cause damage. Leave the candles, sparkles and overly heavy decorations elsewhere to best protect your beloved piano! If you are dying to have the look of candles on top, consider battery operated candles or tea lights interspersed between the garland for the flickering glow you desire!

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