How Temperature & Humidity Affects Your Piano

With high temperatures and humidity arriving in Minnesota, we thought now would be a great time to discuss how temperature and humidity can effect your piano. At Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we are not only the expert piano mover for Minneapolis, we also specialize in piano storage and more. In fact, we know just about everything there is to know about pianos. So, with summer in full swing, let’s take a moment to discuss pianos and how to keep them safe all season.
There are many environmental factors that can influence your piano’s state, from minor effects to bigger, more costly damages. In addition to scuffs and scrapes that can take place during an amateur piano move, there are also some environmental factors that can effect your piano, such as temperature changes and high humidity. These are major players in the health of your piano, especially during summer. That is why it is so important to hire a professional piano mover if planning to move or store your piano this summer.

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Slight shifts in weather conditions and fluctuations in the temperature of the room where your piano is stored or while it is moved can have a huge, negative impact. But, there are certain precautionary measures that your trusted piano mover will take in order to prevent any damage to your piano. Here is why: Pianos are primarily made of wood, and when the temperature deviates between hot and cold, wood is known to expand and contract with the thermometer. When it comes to your piano and temperature fluctuation, it can potentially impact the sound and function of your piano. And, in humid and warm weather, the piano soundboard can expand and cause internal damage.

And, if you don’t plan on moving or storing your piano this summer it is important to keep your piano out of the sun and away from windows and keep it in a room that is controlled and regulated by a thermostat.

There are several piano maintenance tips that will help combat effects of temperature and humidity on your piano. Just give us a call and we can refer you to experts in piano tuning and repair that can offer their own expertise!

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