Piano Moving FAQs

What types of pianos do you move?

We move all types of pianos: uprights, spinets and grands. We can move any size of piano. Just let us know the exact height or length of your piano so we can be prepared with the correct equipment.

Where can you move pianos?

We move pianos in Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding suburbs. We can move pianos to/from private residences, stores, churches, schools and various other buildings.

How do I know when you’ll arrive?

We call all customers the evening before with a 2-hour window. The movers also call from the truck when they are getting close.

What is the cost to move a piano?

The cost depends on several factors: size of the piano, how far we are transporting it, and the difficulty of the move. The more details you can provide us before the move, the more accurate we can be with the estimate. For instance, it helps to know if stairs are involved in the move, how accessible parking is, and any other factors that may require extra care and time for the move.

How do you protect the piano while moving?

We use protective covers and pads to keep from scratching or damaging the piano. We also have skids and wheels to protect floors. During transport, we have an insulated and heated cargo area to keep the piano in ideal conditions as much as possible.

Do I need to cover wood floors to prevent damage?

You do NOT need to cover new or refinished wood floors to prevent damage. In fact, this can often cause more damage. We have equipment to move pianos over any surface without causing damage. This includes special wheels on our dollies. We also wear special shoes to prevent any marks. If you really want to put something down, the best option is a rubber backed rug.

How can I make my piano move smoother?

Having the path cleared for the move is extremely beneficial. Remove any clutter from the room, stairways, porch, walkout, sidewalks, etc. This can include other furniture, toys, leaves, etc. It’s especially helpful in the winter to have the path cleared of snow and ice. A clear path makes the move safer, easier and faster.

Additionally, letting us know the details of the moving locations and size of the piano will help us be prepared with the correct equipment. We need to know the height of upright pianos and length of grand pianos. We also need to know if inside and/or outside steps are involved.

What other services do you offer besides moving?

We offer piano storage in a climate-controlled building. We also offer piano disposal

Why should I trust Piano Movers Extraordinaire for my piano move?

We have been in business since 1976. We are fully licensed and insured. Our experienced movers take great care to move your piano safely from one location to another.

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