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Ways to Help Ensure Your Piano’s Longevity

Whether you’ve had your piano for decades or you just bought a new one, you want your piano to last for years to come. And, with the proper care and attention, your piano can easily supply years of enjoyment and to you and your loved ones. As expert piano movers for the entire St Paul area, we know a thing or two about pianos. In fact, we are piano lovers ourselves! That’s why we’ve decided to put together some tips to help keep your piano in good working order.

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The trick is to be aware of the factors that can affect your piano: both musically and environmentally. That includes considerations such as placement, upkeep, proper moving, sound absorption and more. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Play It!

This is one of the most important things you can do for your piano. One of the reasons you invested in this timeless instrument is likely so that it can actually be played. Playing your piano ensures consistent sound quality, key function, and other factors.

Keep it Tuned

An important part of overall piano maintenance and care is to schedule regular tunings. A piano is susceptible to changes in environmental conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, high or low humidity, and more. We have put together a list of local piano tuners and technicians that you can reference to find one that will work for you.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

Put a focus on regular cleaning for your piano. You’ll also want to be sure that the inner workings of the instrument including its strings, key pads, and other areas are functioning properly. If your piano won’t be used for some time, it makes sense to invest in professional storage.

Hire Professional Piano Movers

Once you’ve found a piano that matches your interest and want to bring it home, the next step is to partner with local piano movers that will treat the instrument with the utmost care and respect, en route to its final destination. Or, if you’re moving to a new home, it is essential you find dependable piano movers like Piano Movers Extraordinaire who know how to properly move a piano from one location to another.

Ways to Help Ensure Your Piano’s Longevity

We’ve built a solid reputation as the premier piano movers for the Twin Cities and will treat your piano with the utmost of care!

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The Many Services Involved in Moving a Piano

Training, equipment and care are all factors that make professional piano movers more equipped to handle a delicate piano move. Your piano is priceless and no matter what type of piano you have, it is likely close to your heart. That is why it is so important your piano is well taken care of during a crucial move. Piano Movers Extraordinaire is the piano moving company Dakota County trusts for all of their piano moving needs and we are here to give you an outline of what the services of professional piano moving should include.

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Experienced piano movers. Every piano moving company should have their own experienced piano movers who know how to properly move a piano. The number of people carrying your piano can differ according to the complexities involved with your unique piano. There are various equipment which can also assist in the piano moving process including wraps, ramps, pads, skid plates etc. Once the piano movers assess your exact situation, they will outline the technique to do it safely.

Proper piano moving equipment. There is essential equipment needed to bear the weight of the piano and assist our dedicated workers. Professional piano movers should be specially trained to operate this equipment carefully.

Disassembling and reassembling your piano. Another issue is that regular movers most likely have less experience in how to assemble or disassemble a piano. As mostly they do furniture, where our movers do just pianos.  However, with our professional piano moving company, we understand the exact techniques to move a particular type of piano, whether it needs disassembling or not and how to do that. 

Piano storage. There are certain situations when your home or business may not have space for your piano and you require temporary piano storage.  It is important your piano is stored properly in order to avoid depreciation. 

Piano tuning following your move. It is very important for your piano to be tuned a few weeks, after it is transported. The piano has to adjust according to the new environment which takes a bit of time. Generally, the time period to wait is two to three weeks until the piano climates to the new environment.  Then ready to be fully tuned for the new conditions. We have a variety of reputable repair, restoration and tuning companies that we work with who can get your piano back to sounding like it should.

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Effects of Piano Moving and Storage

There are a variety of reasons you may require piano moving and storage this summer. Here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire we understand these reasons as well as our customers’ passion for their pianos; that’s why we take our job seriously. When you hire our professionals for piano moving and storage, we take all necessary precautions to protect your piano. But sometimes, even while in the care of the most professional of piano movers, minor effects can still occur. Here are some of the most common ones as well as precautions taken to avoid them. And, when you need piano moving and storage in St Paul or any of the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact our kind and courteous piano professionals.

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Tuning Issues

An out of tune piano can be quite common after moving or storing a piano. This is generally not due to the actual physical moving of the piano but to the change in humidity from one location to another. This change takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to show its effect. For this reason, you should wait about two weeks after moving before having the piano tuned. Once your piano settles into its new home you’ll be able to have it tuned properly.

Grand Piano Pedals

Though this is usually only an issue with inexperienced movers (not like the ones here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire) grand piano pedals can become out of kilter after a move. Shims of leather or cardboard used to take up slack in the trapwork often fall out when the lyre is removed. However, it is a fairly simple matter for a piano technician to correct these problems when he or she comes to tune the piano.

Other Issues

Small changes in tuning or other effects on a piano is very unpredictable, especially if there is a large difference in humidity between the old and new locations. It is important to remember that a piano that has been in a damp or unheated place for many years should never be moved to a dry or well-heated location. Drastic environmental changes like these can wreak havoc on a piano.
The best way to ensure proper piano moving and storage is by hiring the professionals. Professional piano movers like those at Piano Movers Extraordinaire are able to anticipate any possible effects on your piano and provide warning ahead of time. We can also recommend trusted tuners and technicians to repair or readjust your piano if needed.

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Piano Care Tips from Your Seasoned Piano Moving Professionals

As a piano owner, you care a lot about your piano and want to do everything you can to keep it looking and playing like it should. But, are you doing everything you can to care for it properly? Without proper care and attention, your piano can quickly fall into disrepair and even require extensive damage control. This can be costly and time-consuming, and it also puts your piano out of commission while it’s being worked on. Thankfully, you can avoid this by following a few essential piano care tips. Here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we are the area experts in piano moving for Anoka County and have put together a short list of some important piano care tasks.

1) Keep your piano properly tuned. Your piano is a highly delicate instrument and requires regular maintenance in order to remain in optimum condition. Your piano is constantly swelling and contracting due to climate conditions, so it is recommended to have your piano tuned at least twice a year. Here is a list of our favorite tuners and technicians!

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2) Choose the right location for your piano. Where your piano is kept or stored has a huge impact on how it sounds. There are many environmental factors that can alter the way the instrument plays. For example, direct sunlight can warp, fade and crack the finish. Improper air flow and moisture can create wear and even rust in your piano. Temperature and humidity are other factors that can affect the condition of your piano. So, whether you’re choosing where to place your piano in your home or how to store your piano, ensure it is being kept in proper conditions.

3) Play, play, play! One of the best ways to care for your piano and ensure it sounds its best is playing it. Not only will you be able to detect any problems early, you can also enjoy the wonderful feeling of playing your piano.

4) Ensure safe and secure piano moving. It is essential to take all necessary precautions with your piano; and that includes moving and transporting it. The piano moving service you choose makes a huge difference in how it is cared for during transport to and from your home or business. As you look into hiring different piano moving services, it is wise to also keep in mind reputation and customer service. Here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we are a family-owned company founded in 1976 with high quality standards from the beginning. Our number one priority is to help people move their treasured pianos from one place to another safely and efficiently.

These are just some of the care tips essential to the health and happiness of your piano. And, if you have a piano that needs to be moved or stored, count on the piano moving professionals at Piano Movers Extraordinaire. For more information about piano moving in Anoka County, give Piano Movers Extraordinaire a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our form for a free estimate.

Common Questions for Piano Movers

When it comes to moving a piano, you can’t trust just anyone to make such an important move. At Piano Movers Extraordinaire we understand your piano is a delicate instrument that is often invaluable. That’s what makes it so important to hire the very best piano mover you can find.Piano Movers St Paul

We also understand you want concrete and thorough answers to your most pressing questions before you decide which movers to go with. Transparency and excellent customer service is important to us here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire so we would like to answer some of our customers most pressing questions for you now. And, when you need a trusted piano mover in St Paul, don’t hesitate to contact the experts here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire. We look forward to moving you!

Q: Why should I hire a professional piano mover?

A: Simply put, trusting your precious piano to just any mover leaves more up to chance. While it’s possible your piano may make it to its destination without any damages, you can’t be too sure. When you hire a professional piano mover, you get experience and know-how unmatched by basic residential movers.

Q: Will my piano be secure?

A: At Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we understand your piano is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and that’s why we take our jobs seriously. We care about your instrument and implement safe, secure practices to ensure its safety.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare my piano to move?

A: When planning a move, the piano moving is often left as the last step in the process. After all, it’s just one item, right? In reality, moving a piano requires find the right piano mover, setting an appointment and making necessary arrangements.

You should also provide us with as much detail as possible so we can be accurate and fully prepared as possible to provide the safest and best quality move. The most important detail is exact height for an upright and exact length for a grand.

Do you have additional questions for our piano mover about moving your piano? For more information about our piano mover in St Paul and the surrounding areas, please give Piano Movers Extraordinaire a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our form for a free estimate.