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How to Decorate Your Piano for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to decorate! Put up your tree, hang up your wreath, wrap the garlands around your railings, place your stockings by the chimney (with care) – Santa Claus is coming to town!

However, what do you do about your piano? Chances are it’s a focal point of whichever room it is in, so don’t leave it unadorned and screaming bah humbug at everyone stopping by – instead follow some of these tips on how to decorate your piano for the holidays!


Stringing lights along the top of your piano can create a warm and welcoming glow that can help increase the holiday spirit throughout your home. White, colorful or whatever color lights suit your fancy – the brightened piano is a jolly piano.


If you want to kick it up another holly jolly notch – add some garland! The combination of garlands and string lights can create a cozy feel while also bringing holiday joy to your home. Everyone is sure to love the look of your perfectly decorated piano.


What better way to make your piano feel personal than to line the top with photos from Christmases past? Share your love for your family by placing them in a place of honor. Whether they are the sole decorations, or you place them throughout your glowing garland – photos are a great personal touch to holiday decorating.


Do you receive Christmas or other holiday cards from loved ones that you just don’t know how to display? The solution could be to place them on your piano! Show your guests how much they matter to you by prominently displaying their cards.


Another option to decorate your piano is to place ornaments on it! Store your favorites in a basket on top, lay them amongst the garland or come up with a different way to display them that shows off your personal decorating style!

What to Avoid

When decorating the top of your piano it’s best to avoid anything that could cause damage. Leave the candles, sparkles and overly heavy decorations elsewhere to best protect your beloved piano! If you are dying to have the look of candles on top, consider battery operated candles or tea lights interspersed between the garland for the flickering glow you desire!

Do you need additional piano services? Whether you are moving or need to dispose of your piano to bring in a new one – we can help! Call Piano Movers Extraordinaire today at 763-784-8123 or contact us for a free estimate!

How to Tell When it’s Time for Your Piano to Move On

Do you have a piano that’s been in your family for generations? An instrument so loved and with so many memories? But maybe when you sit down to play, one of the keys just doesn’t sound like it should or maybe doesn’t play at all. Or maybe the exterior of the piano is damaged and cracked after years of love.

Pianos are the most complex instrument, with thousands of moving parts working together in harmony to create music. However, when some of those parts stop working, the once soothing music can become anything but.

When it’s time to consider piano disposal in St Paul, Piano Movers Extraordinaire is here to help guide you through your decision.

Is it Worth Repairing Your Piano?

Sometimes deciding to let go can be a tricky thing, and that’s okay. You should be completely sure of your decision, piano disposal st pauland that’s why we recommend considering whether it’s worth it to repair your piano. In some cases, a repair may be worth the money that it would cost to fix it, but that’s not always the case.

We highly recommend that before you decide to throw out your old piano, that first you consider reconditioning. We even have recommendations for piano restorers and refinishers to contact in the area.

Once you have taken the time to get estimates on how much it would cost to repair your piano, it’s time for you to make your decision. Is your piano worth repairing?

When making your decision, here are some questions for you to consider:

  • Is the original quality good enough to restore?
  • Will it cost more to repair it than to replace it?
  • Is the overall condition of the piano good?

These three questions can help ease your mind that you are making the right decision, no matter what choice you end up making.

Is it Time to Dispose of Your Piano?

If you have already decided that your piano is not worth repairing, then the next step is to consider piano disposal. Piano Movers Extraordinaire has professionals available to answer any questions you may have about disposing of your piano. We understand that it can be an emotional decision, especially if the piano was passed down to you by a loved one. We’re happy to talk you through your decision.

Once you are completely settled on disposing of your piano in St Paul, call us today at 763-784-8123 or contact us for a free estimate!

Protecting Your Wood Floors During a Piano Move

Moving a piano is always a big deal, simply because a piano is expensive, can be unwieldy, and can cause damage to your home when it’s not done properly. It’s even more nerve-wracking to move a piano when you have a newly finished hardwood floor to get across. Fortunately, if you call Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we know how to properly move a piano and help protect your home during the process.Piano Movers St Paul

Unfortunately, in the past, we have had customers try to take matters into their own hands with measures meant to protect their floors. However, many of these DIY methods of floor protection actually do more harm than good. That is why we have put together a few tips that will help ensure your piano is moved safely without damaging it, your hardwood floor, or yourself in the process.
In the past, we have seen cases where people think they need to cover new or refinished wood floors with plywood or other material. This actually can cause more damage. Plywood and even cardboard can also pose a tripping hazard if used on the floor and is not safe for the moving process. If you feel you absolutely must put something down to help protect your newly finished floors, the best option is a rubber-backed rug.

It’s best to keep your piano and floor safe by hiring the best piano mover in your area. One reason it’s a good idea to hire piano movers is that the procedure for moving a piano can vary depending on the type and size piano you’re moving. For instance, a grand piano requires the legs to be removed to avoid damage, while different types of uprights will require a different amount of manpower.

Here at Piano Movers Extraordinaire, we have the equipment to move pianos over any surface without causing damage. From the special wheels on our dollies to the special shoes we wear, we do everything we can to have a safe and smooth piano move.

Interested in learning more about professional piano moving and how we can help you? Give us a call today! Our professional piano mover will know exactly what tools, equipment, and manpower is needed to make sure your piano is moved safely. For piano moving in the Twin Cities area, call Piano Movers Extraordinaire at (763) 784-8123 today!

Preparing for Your Move with a Piano Moving Service

Planning a move? Own a piano? Then it is essential you prepare for your move with a trusted piano moving service. Minneapolis area piano owners trust Piano Movers Extraordinaire for all of their piano moving needs.Twin Cities Piano Moving & Storage

When it comes to your piano, training, equipment and care are all factors that make professional piano movers more equipped to handle a delicate piano move. Your piano is priceless and no matter what type of piano you have, it is likely close to your heart. That is why it is so important your piano is well taken care of during a crucial move. At Piano Movers Extraordinaire, our number one priority is relocating your piano safely and securely. We work with you to make sure your piano moving experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. With experienced piano movers like ours, know how to properly move a piano. The number of people carrying your piano can differ according to the complexities involved with your unique piano. There are various equipment which can also assist in the piano moving process including wraps, ramps, pads, skid plates etc. Once the piano movers assess your exact situation, they will outline the technique to do it safely.

Regular movers most likely have less experience in how to assemble or disassemble a piano. As mostly they do furniture, where our movers do just pianos. However, with a professional piano moving service like ours, we understand the exact techniques to move a particular type of piano, whether it needs disassembling or not and how to do that.

There is also specialized equipment needed to bear the weight of the piano and assist our dedicated workers. Professional piano movers should be specially trained to operate this equipment carefully.

Also, keep in mind that there are certain situations when your home or business may not have space for your piano and you require temporary piano storage. It is important your piano is stored properly in order to avoid depreciation.

You should also remember that it is important for your piano to be tuned within a few weeks following its move. The piano has to adjust according to the new environment which takes a bit of time. Generally, the time period to wait is two to three weeks until the piano climates to the new environment. Then ready to be fully tuned for the new conditions. Not sure how to have your piano tuned? We have a variety of reputable repair, restoration and tuning companies that we work with who can get your piano back to sounding like it should.

Ready to prep your piano for a move? For more information about our piano moving service in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, give Piano Movers Extraordinaire a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our form for a free estimate.

Preparing for Piano Movers

You need your piano moved from one location to another and you’ve booked a reputable piano moving company; now what? There is actually more preparation that should be done to ensure a successful move of your piano. Pianos are large, heavy instruments that are also intricate and fragile. When moving, it’s important to protect the piano, not only from scratches or aesthetic issues, but also from compromising the strings or keys to the point where the piano would need repair to work properly. As piano movers, we have the tools and experience needed to safely move your piano; however, there are things you can do to help us out. We want to cover those important details so you’ll be prepared when the piano movers come to your door.

Clear the Path

It’s important that our piano movers have an unobstructed and safe path from where your piano is located to our moving truck. This means clearing snow and ice off sidewalks in the winter and clearing leaves in the fall. It also includes removing any clutter or obstacles, which is our next point.

Remove Clutter

Along with clearing the path is removing any clutter in the way. This includes anything inside the room where the piano is, on stairs, in hallways, etc. It also includes areas outside on the porch or sidewalk. It’s important to have the area clear so our movers can get your piano moved safely without tripping over something or damaging any of your personal belongings. Please have this done before our movers arrive so the move is not delayed.

Provide Details

Another important thing to ensure a successful move for your piano is to provide as many details as you can to our crew before we arrive. This includes the type and size of your piano, details on the moving location, and any obstacles we should know about, such as stairs, tight turns, gates, distance to parking, limited parking, etc. By having this information, our movers can be prepared with the correct equipment to safely move your piano. We can also make a better estimate on the time needed to complete the move.

Preparing for Piano Movers

We want you to be satisfied with your piano moving experience. By providing the information we need and having things ready when our movers arrive, you will be helping ensure a safe and efficient move for your treasured piano. If you have any questions about our piano moving services or how to prepare for our movers, please give Piano Movers Extraordinaire a call at 763-784-8123 or fill out our form for a free estimate. We serve the Twin Cities area.